The Gifts of Christmas

Today: Jesus Comes – through the Gift of Baptism

1st Sunday In Advent

The Gifts of Christmas
Gifts!  It’s that time of the year: when kids can’t wait to open them; when we spend way too much time in lines and online and in traffic searching for them; when we don’t know which ones to give and they are often ones we don’t need.

God however has provided us with the perfect gift, the gift we cannot do without.  We’ll celebrate that gift of His Son at Christmas.  Until then, the Church uses the season of Advent to prepare us to receive that Gift. 

Advent (Latin for “He comes”) helps us prepare for and anticipate the festival of Christmas much like Lent helps us prepare for Easter.  The roots of Advent go back all the way to the 400’s in France and Italy. The color of the season is blue for royalty. Our King is coming!

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