The Hard Sayings Of Jesus

Today: “Poor” in life = Rich in death.

16th Sunday after Pentecost

The Psalmist prayed, “Whom have in heaven but you, O Lord; and earth has nothing I desire but you.” Psalm 73:25

There is no end to financial advice that promises you wealth and security. You can find fitness advice too: do these five exercises and the weight will come off and you will look strong and fit. There is advice for everything, because everyone realizes that we worry and stress about everything. All advertisers need to do is hold out for us what the ideal life looks like and they have us hooked… but not satisfied. Then God comes along and reminds us that if we have him, there is nothing we shall need (Psalm 23:1). God’s Word reminds us of that again as we look at one of Jesus’ parables this Sunday. It’s the only parable where Jesus names one of characters. Come and find out which one, one that will leave you richer for hearing it.