Here I Stand


Pentecost 22 Sunday

Here I Stand
This year marks the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s famous statement of faith, “Here I stand.” It was a statement that changed the course of history, even ours. It took place on April 18, 1521, in front of Charles V, the Holy Roman Emperor. Luther was ordered to recant or take back all of his writings or be branded a heretic and risk his life. But he couldn’t. Not when the truth of the Gospel was a stake. When asked if he would recant, his simple, bold answer, was, “I cannot… Here I stand.”

By God’s Spirit we stand with Martin Lutheran 500 years later and make a bold confession of our faith as well. God’s Word over the next three weeks gives us an opportunity to review our Reformation heritage and what it means for our lives. With Luther, each of us can say:

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