In a far away land… find a new life

Second Sunday In Lent

The word Lent comes from an Old English word for Spring (“lengten,” the time of the year when the days grow longer). For the last 1700 years, the Church has set aside the 40 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter as a time of preparation, of repentance and renewal. So it is that during Lent our rejoicing is muted as we remember our Lord’s suffering and death (song with “Alleluia” are often omitted). But it is with a purpose: we know that the Lord who died took up his life again on Easter Sunday morning. So our 40 days (for precise counters, the Sundays aren’t counted as part of Lent and are considered “little Easters”) are observed knowing that Jesus entered into our world to give us new life.  In love, he came to…

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