Baptism Of Christ

Epiphany Of Our Lord


From The River To The Mountain A Journey that Reveals Who Jesus IsEpiphany 1 – It Begins With Baptism

Today we begin the season of Epiphany, a word that means “appearing” or “revealing.”  If someone says, “I had an epiphany,” they mean they had some extremely important, life-changing revelation. Within the Church Year, that is the purpose of the season of Epiphany—to reveal important truths about Jesus Christ, truths that will indeed change our lives.

The season begins with Jesus standing in a river with John the Baptist. There we begin to see the fuller truth about him: his power, his person, his purpose. The season closes in a few weeks on a mountain where Jesus reveals to us his absolute glory. May we each see the glory of Christ as we journey with him from river to mountain, a journey that changes lives.


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