Grace News & Events For The Week Of Nov 25 – Dec 01


OUR MANAGEMENT OF GOD’S BLESSINGS THIS WEEK: Worship Attendance: Saturday 7 (6 communed); Sunday 78 (65); Sunday School: 5 (2 teachers); Adult Bible Studies: 10; Thanksgiving: 30; Offerings: General fund: $3,409.00; Debt Reduction: $20.00; Thanksgiving baskets: $100.00; Scholarship Fund: $2,000.00, SS for Apache Christian Schools: $56.00; Thanksgiving offering for General Fund: $2,585.05 (includes Sprint and Inspire leases).

SERVING OUR LORD AT GRACE THIS WEEKEND: Saturday music leader: David Stansfield; Sunday music leader: Marjorie Erickson; Altar Guild: Kappy Hurst; Flowers: Dowler; Ushers: Bell, McCauley; Refreshments: Hurst; Acolyte: Ilena Vandiver.

SERVING OUR LORD AT GRACE NEXT WEEKEND: Saturday music leader: David Stansfield; Sunday music leader: Marjorie Erickson; Altar Guild: volunteer requested; Flowers: Dowler; Ushers: Foley, Vogt; Refreshments: Rinnert; Acolyte: Ilena Vandiver.


• Judy Blaylock (Ex Sister In Law of Elizabeth Ehlers), melanoma
• Debbie Butler (relative of Hokensons), cancer
• Tanya DeLong, cancer
• Joan Dressendorfer, homebound
• June Heckenlaible, homebound
• Evelyn Hokenson, homebound
• Carol Hubbard, homebound
• Matt and Stephanie Ibarra, expecting second baby in 2019
• Bob Krueger, homebound
• Kathe Lind, hospice
• Wayne and Annette Madsen, homebound
• Steve Nelson, USAF deployment
• Hulda Stoppelmann, hospice
• Claire Wulf, homebound
• Don Wulf, prostate cancer

THANKSGIVING BASKETS were distributed last week. Twenty baskets, which included at least $25.00 in gift cards for turkeys and other thanksgiving dinner supplies, were picked up or delivered. In addition, another 9 families received gift cards without baskets. We still have two more families on a waiting list, and we will continue to help out families during the Holidays with whatever gift cards are provided. Thank you to Dina (project lead), Jamie, and Debbie, and to everyone who donated supplies, gift cards, and cash. Jamie Van Keirsbelk has volunteered and has been appointed to be the lead on this project for next year.

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GRIEFSHARE is a support group for those dealing with bereavement. There are five people currently participating in this session, Thursdays at 7 pm.

CHURCH CHRISTMAS TREES: The big, strong men of the congregation are invited to participate in the annual “Getting out the Christmas Boxes and Assembling the Artificial Christmas Trees” activity after the worship service today. At the same time, the Women’s Guild will hold their meeting in the Library.

CHURCH DECORATING: On December 2, stay for a few minutes after worship to help decorate the trees, put up wreaths, lights, nativity sets, and the outdoor JOY.

LIFE LINE SCREENING is offering a preventive health event on December 11. Five screenings are offered that screen for blocked arteries, abdominal aortic aneurysms, hardening of the arteries, irregular heartbeat, and bone density. Register for a Wellness package which includes 4 vascular tests and osteoporosis screening for $139 (after $10 member discount). Call toll-free 1-888-653-6441.

BROADWAY KNIGHTS CHRISTMAS CONCERT: December 14, 7:30 pm, the BK Christmas Concert will feature some amazing talent from the area, including Jimmy Mulligan, a Disney artist and star of several musicals. Thrivent will help sponsor the event, which will include dinner and a bake sale. Donations for California Wildfire relief will be collected.

YORBA LINDA ARTS ALLIANCE FOUNDATION has invited interested members of our congregation to a Handel’s Messiah sing-along, this afternoon, at either 11:00 am or 1:00 pm. It is in the East Room of the Nixon Library. Admission is free. Also, there is a “Random Act of Culture” (flash mob style) singing the Hallelujah Chorus at South Coast Plaza on Saturday, Dec. 1, at 12 noon in the Jewel Court and again at 12:30 by the Carousel.
KING OF KINGS ADVENT BY CANDLELIGHT: The women of King of Kings Garden Grove invite the women and girls of Grace to join them for Advent By Candlelight Sunday, Dec 2, at 4 pm. RSVP 714-530-6584.

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HELPED with the work day last weekend. Some landscaping projects were continued, windows were washed, and pew wood was treated.

THURSDAY MORNING BIBLE STUDY CANCELLED: Due to a schedule conflict, Thursday morning’s Bible study is cancelled.

Upcoming At Grace


Today Sunday School and Bible Class 8:30 am

Worship 9:30 am

Refreshments after church

Putting up the Church Christmas Tree after the service

Tuesday Brookdale, Yorba Linda Bible Study 3:00 pm

Chance “Veterans Speak Out” practice 6:30 pm

Choir practice 7:00 pm

Wednesday Inspire Enrichment Academy


GriefShare 7:00 pm

Friday MOMS Homeschool 11:15 am

Saturday Youth 12:00 pm

Worship 6:30 pm

Next Sunday Sunday School and Bible Study 8:30 am

Worship 9:30 am

Christmas Decorating


Dec 2 Christmas Decorating

Dec 2 Advent By Candlelight at King of Kings, Garden Grove 4 pm

Dec 5, 12, 19 Advent worship and suppers 6 pm & 7 pm

Dec 9 Women’s Guild Christmas Party


Dec 14 Broadway Knights Christmas Concert

Dec 23 Cunningham/Quebe/Cifranic Christmas Party (afternoon)

Dec 24 Christmas Eve worship 5 pm & 7 pm

Dec 25 Christmas Day worship 10:00 am

Dec 31 New Year’s Eve worship 7:00 pm

Jan 1, 2019 Festival of the Circumcision and Name of Jesus (no worship service)

Mar 6 Ash Wednesday worship and supper 6 pm and 7 pm


Mar 14 Luther Prep School Touring Choir concert at 7 pm (Supper at 6)

Mar 20, 27 Lenten worship and supper

Apr 3, 10 Lenten worship and supper

Apr 13 Spring Celebration

Apr 18 Maundy Thursday worship 7:00 pm

Apr 19 Good Friday Tenebrae 7:00 pm

Apr 20 Holy Saturday Vigil 6:30 pm

Apr 21 Easter worship 7:00 and 9:30 am